‘The neglect of the Vypin land should be stopped’; Anna Ben writes an open letter to the chief minister


Actress Anna Ben has written an open letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan demanding an end to the neglect of Vypin Kara. The entry of buses in Vypinkara into the city has not been implemented for 18 years. In a letter to the chief minister, Annaben said that the chief minister should intervene and find a solution to the problem.

To the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala, It was the great man, brother Ayyappan, who planted the seed of such a dream in the mind of the land in Vype, at a time when a bridge connecting Vypinkara to a continent was not even in the dreams of our earlier generations.

It has been years since the Gosree bridges, which were a long-cherished dream of the Vypinkaras, became a reality. We had hoped that if the bridges came up, we would be relieved from the journey of staring at the danger through the estuary and would be able to reach various places in Kochi city directly by bus.

The bridge came, the buses came. But the vypins are still parked at the city’s gates. We have to get off the bus at the high court junction and walk to the next bus stop and take another bus to reach different places in the city. I had experienced this difficulty all my time as a student at St. Teresa’s. Buses come to the city from all parts of the district. Only Vypin buses are not allowed to enter the city.

The extra cost of getting off the bus at the high court junction and reaching the destination in the next bus is more than many can afford for those who have to reach various places within the city itself. Especially for the thousands of low-income women working in textile shops and other business establishments in the city.


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