Not only Chhetri, but also the tournament’s top scorer was pushed during the prize distribution ceremony: Video


West Bengal Governor La Ganesan’s act of pushing away champions Bengaluru FC captain Sunil Chhetri and posing for a photo during the Durand Cup prize distribution ceremony has sparked a controversy. Following this, a video has surfaced in which he can be seen pushing the tournament’s top scorer and Bengaluru FC star Shivashakti. Bengal’s Sports Minister Arup Biswas poses for a photo while pushing Shivashakti. There is a governor nearby.

Chhetri, who has participated in more than 100 international competitions for the country, has been accused by many on social media of pushing him in an attempt to grab the attention of photographers. The incident came to light through a video shared by Ansul Saxena on his Twitter handle.

Saxena shared the video and wrote, “Congratulations to the Governor of Bengal for winning the Durand Cup and accepting the trophy.” A picture of Chhetri, who was pushed away by the governor but did not let go of his smile, has also gone viral.


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