No one should sell their kidney to buy the iPhone 14; Red Cross request


The Thai Red Cross has urged people not to sell their kidneys to buy the iPhone 14. The Red Cross’s request came after pictures circulated claiming to be of people who sold their kidneys to buy phones. At a beauty clinic in Laos, pictures emerged of some people standing with a wound in their stomach as if they had their iPhones and transplanted their kidneys.

The Thai Red Cross’s organ transplantation department said it was a violation of the law to carry out such organ transplants. It is not right to propagate organ transplantation in such a way. The Red Cross also says that it’s too bad to pay for the money to buy an iPhone, especially.

At the same time, some doubts are being raised about the authenticity of these images. Many people share the suspicion that this could be a marketing strategy.

In 2020, a 17-year-old boy sold his kidney in China and bought an iPhone. However, the child became bedridden after his second kidney stopped functioning.


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