Kattakada assault on father in front of daughter: Non-bailable section slapped against accused


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A non-bailable section has been slapped against the accused in the case of beating up a father and daughter during a dispute over concession at Kattakada in Thiruvananthapuram. One more section was added against the accused. The section was also added for insulting womanhood. The new allegation is that premanan’s daughter was assaulted. The police had recorded the statements of Premanan, his daughter and his friend.

Meantime, the CMD told the High Court that the action of the employees who beat up the father in front of his daughter at the Kattakada depot has tarnished the image of KSRTC. Biju Prabhakar replied to the high court standing council stating that the behaviour of the employees had aggravated the problem.

The CMD also submitted that when Premanan spoke harshly about the pass, the police did not seek help but instead the staff beat up his father in front of the child. Aryanad station master Mohammed Shareef, duty guard R Suresh, conductor N Anil Kumar and assistant Milan Dorich have been suspended.


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