‘I want to be a nurse in Korea, we are BTS Army’; Girl make Rahul laugh during jodo yathra


The Bharat Jodo Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi has been receiving a good response from Kerala. Several videos of Rahul Gandhi trying to speak to people directly and listen to their concerns during the padayatra are also emerging every day. A video of a group of girls making Rahul laugh at the question of who he wants to be in the future has garnered a lot of attention. The girls tell Rahul Gandhi not only who they want to be in the future, but where they want to work. There is also an interesting reason behind the children’s decision.

When asked who they want to be in the future, the girls answer that they are nurses without much thought. Rahul’s next question was to nod his head. Everyone says that the nurses in Kerala are very good. What makes all the nurses here so good? The girls didn’t have to think much about answering this question. The children said that the nurses had suffered a lot during covid times. Rahul Gandhi’s next question was where he wanted to work. The children replied, “Korea” without thinking at all. Korea? Rahul’s question is curious to know what it is. That… We are the BTS Army….Rahul laughed when the children said it with a lot of laughter.

South Korean music band BTS has a huge fan following in Kerala as well. BTS’s staunch fans often refer to themselves as the BTS Army. “Why do you like Korean music so much?” asked Rahul Gandhi. The children replied that they would be relieved to listen to this music when ever there was any sadness. Rahul bought milkshakes for the girls and sent them back.


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