“Governor’s conduct will not be good for democratic Kerala. Minister K Rajan


Minister K Rajan has come down heavily on the Governor. The governor is doing something that is not in line with the dignity of his office. The minister said the governor’s actions were not good for democracy and criticised Arif Mohammad Khan for doing things that were not in line with the dignity of his post.

“Governor Arif Mohammad Khan is giving up the dignity of his post. He has to perform the duty given to a Governor by the Constitution. He has the power to find out any wrong and take action while sitting in his duty. But the problem arises when you sit in that position and say and act on things that should not be said, and act in a way that is not in line with the dignity of the position.

In a federal state of India, acting against a democratic government using constitutional positions is not good for the country. It is expected that the Governor will desist from taking extravagant measures. When he met the RSS chief, he himself spoke about his politics. The governor’s conduct will not be conducive for a democratic Kerala to move forward.” Minister K Rajan said.


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