Ayurvedic Doctor Attacked By Stray Dog In Kollam


Kollam: An Ayurvedic doctor was attacked by a stray dog at Kunnathoor in Kollam. Nellimugal native Dr. Libin was attacked by a stray dog. The doctor’s right hand was injured in the attack. The incident took place when he was returning home from the hospital. Libin, who sustained injuries, sought treatment at Pathanamthitta General Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Palakkad municipality has come up with a private kennels project to control the stray dog menace and take care of sterilised stray dogs. The project will be in such a way that the care of stray dogs will be handed over to those who are interested and a fixed amount will be paid to them. This is for the first time in the state that a local body is implementing the concept of private kennels.

Even when the sterilisation scheme is being implemented, there is no decrease in the number of stray dogs on public roads. The practice is to sterilise the stray dogs and then put them where they are captured. This will only lead to a phased reduction in oil. The Palakkad municipality has come up with the idea of private kennels to overcome this crisis.

Sterilised stray dogs will be shifted to a special centre and handed over to those interested in care. The municipality will pay a fixed amount for food and treatment. The move is to implement the project with the approval of the district planning committee.

The Kanhangad municipality had also sought permission to kill the stray dogs. It was decided at the municipal council meeting to be a party to the case going on in the Supreme Court on the issue. The municipality will soon submit an application in the court.

The emergency council meeting was convened to formulate an action plan in the wake of the stray dog menace in the municipality limits. Kanhangad municipality also reported the highest number of hotspots in the district. The municipality has decided to be a party to the ongoing case in the Supreme Court for permission to subject violent stray dogs to euthanasia.

Extensive action plans are being formulated within the municipal limits to prevent stray dog attacks. Stray dogs will be found and kept in a shelter home starting at Chemmattamvayal. The municipal council meeting also decided to make arrangements in such a way that the vaccine is made available to pets as well as a license.



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