Actress attack case; Trial court moves supreme court for change


The trial court in the actress attack case has moved to the Supreme Court for change.
The lawyer told TwentyFour that Atijeevitha was convinced that she did not get justice from the high court. The advocate also said that he does not agree with the high court’s assessment that it was the media that raised concerns about survival. Sanjay P clarified.

The principle that justice should not only be done but also that justice has been done should be realized. Atijeevitha’s lawyer said there were good reasons to worry about getting justice from the trial court. The lawyer told TwentyFour that he would convince the Supreme Court of everything.

The high court had the other day rejected Atijeevitha’s request to shift the trial court. The high court’s action was to make it clear that the allegations against the trial court judge were baseless. Atijeevitha’s lawyer demanded that details of the verdict rejecting the petition should not be published, but the court did not accept it.

The court rejected Atijeevitha’s plea while accepting the defence’s argument that there was no such precedent. The order also came down heavily on the media. The high court criticized that the media had gone out of bounds and gave the news without understanding the court proceedings. Such media reports are the basis of the concerns of the survivor. The court also said that the judiciary should be allowed to conduct the trial without any external interference.



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